Friday, February 21

Tuesday, January 28

Happy 2014 !!!

Reflecting on 2013 and looking forward to the year ahead, I thought I'd get "back on the horse" with the blog.  

The completion of my climbing-related goals for 2013 were a mix-bag. I had stated 2013 was for:

Wow. I didn't do any multipitch climbing, no trad climbing, a few (3) trips to the New River Gorge, WV, I flirted with training, didn't onsight much or send any projects ... I've come to the conclusion that I have no business making goals. lol ... well, I did finally manage to do a one-arm pull-up! Oh yeah I tore my medial meniscus in my left knee, get this, traversing ....warming up.

[sigh] dirty thirties are here.

Looking ahead to this year, I am stoked on:
  • advancing my route setting
  • getting outside more
  • remaining injury free (i.e. meditating, praying, yoga, eating better, rest, warming up before I warm up, not doing insane drop knees, shoulder moves, monos or anything else that 16 year old climbers attempt!) 
  • doing smarter/focused training
  • maximizing climbing time
  • working my weaknesses
  • getting back to my strong aerobic base (hello! running, biking, jump rope, swimming!)
As for today:

Minus falling and getting rope burn on my neck that looks in between a hickey and a hyena bite, today was great! Felt strong bouldering in gym today and set three (3) routes !

Blessings and Inspiration your way, 


P.S. More soon... 

Friday, May 24

A favorite ...

Nic Sends Narcissus from FLAPPERfilms on Vimeo.

(footage courtesy of Suradetch)

Thursday, January 17

(footage courtesy of Chase Olson)

Fridge Left V8 @ Leavenworth... I'd tried this problem on and off for six (6) years! Lol... proudest boulder I climbed in 2o12!



Monday, December 31

Happy New Year!

2012 was a pretty awesome year! I redpointed a couple 5.13's, climbed some long-standing projects, worked as head route setter and youth climbing coach at Warehouse Rock Gym, and realized a dream climbing Half Dome (Regular Northwest Face, Grade IV, 23 pitches, 2200', 5.9, C1 team ascent, 2 days) with my friend Andrew Hou.

I'm looking forward to trad climbing, onsight climbing, projecting boulder problems and sport routes, new training routines, multipitch climbing, one-arm pull-ups, and more road trips in 2013!


Friday, August 31


Rough approximation of Gerbil Killer 5.13a 
(note: two variations for the start- I intend to accomplish both)

Wednesday, August 29th I found success on one of my hardest graded sport climbs to date: Gerbil Killer. This is my 3rd 5.13- redpoint; one each the last 3 consecutive years.

I'd felt close on this route and Crawling from the Wreckage at Bob's Area but was unsure if success would come on either prior to leaving for California. I'm very happy to have this send under my belt before leaving for Yosemite next week! 

The first go of the day I felt strong... I confidently floated through the first cruxes and soon found myself staring down the  "Psycho" crux sequence guarding the chains.  I executed sloppily, was overthinking and overgripping as the pump kicked in and finally fell two moves from the victory rail. I dangled limp in the air for a moment, then grasped the rock and sped through the sequence to the chains in frustration. Although I one-hung it, I felt the sting of disappointment from unmet potential ... I knew my fitness and beta for this route were complete, all that was missing was for me to give a complete effort.

The second time, I climbed "to get my gear back" - no expectations. I really thought that my first go was my best I could manage for the day so I resigned myself from the hope of a redpoint... I just climbed. Struggling and breathing hard I made it to the final rest... Tim reminded me to rest longer than I think I needed. I heard people yelling up to me encouragements, I counted my breathing (inhale for 2, exhale for 4), my eyes raced alternating foothold stances while my mind raced with thoughts and then finally it all stopped...complete silence; my heartrate slowed, my breathing relaxed, I was fully recovered, I was ready... setting off, mind  calm, body responsive, and senses attentive, I grabbed the last holds of the final crux, and roared for all I was worth as I reached... fingers securely into the victory hold, just as gravity pulled at me once again, this time too late. 

note: my beta for "Psycho crux" involves: 1. hitting the sidepull with my right hand 2. gastoning left 3. tacking right foot on small foothold 4. placing left on rail near last draw 5. standing up to left small handhold 6. bumping right hand to second higher sidepull 7. getting left foot onto higher foothold & finally 8. bumping left hand to catch the corner of the finger jug/pod that marks the beginning of the victory rail 

P.S. Shout out to my brother Oni who came along with us ... rock climbing outside for the very first time!



Thursday, August 30


Andrew and I are headed to Yosemite on Monday, September 3rd .


Saturday, August 18

Mt Washington - Bob's Area with Scott Ruby

Today, Ruby and I headed to Mt. Washington to climb at Bob's Area. I've been there several times but Scott hadn't been there yet.

We got lost on the hike in (at the fork we went right for about a mile towards Valley View West before realizing we weren't headed the right direction) but eventually made our way up to one of the very highest areas - Slumbersome Ridge. After warming up on a couple moderate slab climbs Slumbersome Ridge, 5.6 and Autumnal Equinox, 5.7, Scott and I made our way down to the Lost Resort area for our main objectives of the day: Firing Up Bob- a four star 5.10c and Crawling from the Wreckage- a three star 5.13a I've been on a couple times before.

Scott, impressively flashed Firing Up Bob on TR and I got Crawling from the Wreckage beta figured out that will work for me; I thought I was going to send on my last go of the day, but will look forward to returning...

We both look forward to returning! We ended the day with some good food, drinks, and company at the Mt. Si Tavern : )

Saturday, August 11


Yay... I am finally not sore after Tuesday's workout lol. Jimmy and Kevin kindly invited me to partake in their tuesday night workouts (madness): gymnastic rings , weighted hang board, absuicides, static bouldering, cave boulder projects, pinches, Kevin's frenchies, etc. ...these guys are either trying to kill me or make me a better rock climber, I'm not sure yet! One thing I am convinced of is that I can try A LOT harder to get  A LOT better at climbing. More ahead to incorporate and to commit to. It's a little intimidating and completely exciting at the same time.

I am also really looking forward to working with the Warehouse Rock Gym team this upcoming fall.

All for now.

God's Blessings,


Thursday, June 14

S m i f f

This past weekend (6/9-6/11) Andrew, Jimmy, and I decided to pay a visit to Smith Rocks, OR. Initially the plan was to head north for granite climbing in Squamish but the forecast was a bit too soggy for our liking so we made the most of crimping and pinching on the volcanic stuff down south. 

Andrew picked me up Saturday, shortly after 6am and we were off to pick up Jimmy and make our way down to the park. We made good time and were greeted by idyllic weather. 

Rock climbing here is great (duh!). Here's a list of the routes we climbed/attempted:

Double Trouble, 5.10b
Nine Gallon Buckets Extension, 5.10c (warm-up Saturday and Monday)
Magic Light, 5.11a
Monkey Space, 5.11b (Monkey Face route I flashed)
Magic Light Extension, 5.12a (I one-hanged this one)
Latin Lover, 5.12a (only Andrew and Jimmy climbed on this one)
Vision, 5.12b (I redpointed this on Sunday~ stOked = one off my bucket list for this sector*) 
Crossfire, 5.12b (I surprised myself how far I got on flash attempt of headwall... will return)
Chain Reaction, 5.12c (I nearly repeated this one... fell on last move!)
Churning in the Wake, 5.13a (this is gonna take more work -_-)

The Dihedrals
Latest Rage 5.12b, bolts
Watt’s Tots 5.12b, bolts
Latin Lover 5.12a, bolts
Crossfire 5.12b, mixed
Sunshine Dihedral 5.11d, bolts
Take a Powder 5.12a, bolts
Peepshow 5.12a/b, bolts
Chain Reaction 5.12c, bolts
French Connection 5.13b, bolts
Last Waltz 5.12c, bolts
Heinous Cling 5.12c R, bolts
Darkness at Noon 5.13a, bolts
Vision 5.12b, bolts 
Go Dog Go 5.12c, bolts
To Bolt or Not to Be 5.14a, bolts

On Sunday, we went to the Bend Brewing Company to meet up with Ryan, fresh off his recent historic send of Just Do It, 5.14c (awesome)!   Later on, we met up with Lisa and her coworker Ramiro at the campsite. 

The whole trip was a nice opportunity to kick back, eat good, laugh hard, climb with little pressure/expectations, and just enjoy good company. 

we didn't go here.

Sisters - Central Oregon

(Andrew + Jimmy + Nick) x 1st day of trip = psych'd !

spot the climbers?

Campsite : )

Asterisk pass in the morning

Me climbing Karate Crack, 5.10a
photo courtesy of Jimmy Chulich

headed towards the headwall of Crossfire, 5.12b
photo courtesy of Jimmy Chulich 

Jimmy, Lisa, and Churning in the Wake, 5.13a

Vision, 5.12b 


The world-class Saturday Night Raffle at the Bivy Campground! 
Fun had by all... I won a tricked out chalk bag.

Monkey Face

Following up the 5.5 first pitch of the Pioneer Route to the ledge on the west face 

Me starting off on the 5.11a traverse of Monkey Space - the most popular way to free climb Monkey Face (

Flashed the crux - nauseating exposure!

Chillin in the cave feet dangling over the North Face, 5.12a 

nearing the completion of a great climb and trip